Masaura is a preserved food made of generally ball of black lentil paste and minced vegetables and dehydrated or sun-dried. Masaura is cooked mixing in any other curry. Masaura is dry nugget made with lentil and vegetable paste. 

Masyura can be compared to Nutrella or Nutri-nuggets. Nutrella is made from soyabean while masaura have lentil and mined vegetable. The vegetables used in masaura generally includes Pidalu (Colocassia Fruit or Yam) and Karkalo (Colocassia Leaf). 

Masyoura contains good combination of the carbohydrate and protein. 

How to prepare masaura

Clean lentils and soaking to remove the husk
Grind it to powder

Add other vegetables shreds and pidalu, karkalo etc. in equal proportion to lentils

Make a fine paste of mixture of lentil power and vegetables

Shape into balls of reasonable size 

Put those balls under the sun to dry

Put it in a glass jar or anyother dry container and preserve for long time