Nepali Style Pizza

Pizza in Nepal is very new to Nepali and it is still being made and sold in cities and towns only. Pizza has been served in Nepal from long time, but it was available only in chosen hotels and restaurants. However, in recent days pizza is becoming common in towns. 

Cheese in Nepal is not common. People make curd, buttermilk, ghee and butter out of milk but cheese is rarely made. Therefore, pizza is still in cities and mostly in restaurants.

It is very easy to make pizza and you can make it at home. Here is the method how you can make it at home to get better taste than any restaurant. You can enjoy freshly made home Pizza with your family and friends.  
Nepali Style Pizza

How to make Pizza Nepali style




For pizza
Dry yeast-1 tablespoon
warm water-1 1/2 cups 
All-purpose flour- 3 1/2 cups (500 g)
Oil-  1 tablespoon 
Salt - a pinch

For sauce
Make cooked tomato pickle (pakako golveda ko achar)


In a bowl put the warm water 

Add the dry yeast

Leave it for about half an hour

The yeast will melt in water turning it yellowish turn sticky

In a bigger bowl take the flour 

Add the yeast in the flour and make dough 

Leave the dough for about an hour 

The dough will look big and fluffy (फुल्छ र नरम हुन्छ)

Now take the dough and roll it as you desire 

It will be difficult to roll because it keeps on getting small so better use your hand to make into desired shape

Now heat the tawa, when hot put the dough 

Cook in medium heat for about 3 minutes or till it feels 1/3 cooked

Now take the dough out and with the toothpick make holes all over the dough

Spread the tomato achar/ sauce on top of the dough 

Add/spread cheese on the top (spread or grated cheese) 

Again add toppings of onion, tomato, capsicum and other things as desired 

Meanwhile Pre heat the oven in 400F degrees

Now put the uncooked pizza in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes 

When pizza is done, serve pizza with Nepali taste!!!