What is Dhido

Dhido is a traditional food. It is not exactly but a type halva, made by boiling hot water and continuously mixing and stirring flours of maize and other grains like buckwheat. It is still eaten as main meal in various part of Nepal. 

How to make Dhido (ढिडोँ)
"ढिडोँ खानु लाई नेपाली मा महाकवीले कुकुल्ढुक नामकरण गर्नु भएको छ"


A big Pot (Kasaudi)

Spatula (Panau)




Water- 1 liter

Flour (any type best is corn flour)-200gram


For 2 to 3 people


Heat a heavy pan on the gas (kasaudi is best)


Put the water in the pan adding a pinch of flour in it and cover it to let it boil.


Let the water boil properly, if the water is not well boiled dhido may not be well cooked.


Add 2 spatula of flour in the water and stir it properly.


You have to continuously stir the dhido till it gets cooked.  (otherwise  it  will have balls on dhedo). ( ढिडोँ मस्काउने)


Let it cook for about 5 minutes
It is ready to Serve.!!!