Tik ko Laddoo

Til ko laddoos are made generally in Nepal during Maghe Sankranti and eaten with Ghiu, Chaaku and Tarul. Teel ko laddoo is mixture of roasted sesame seeds (Til) and jaggery or molasses syrup (Chaaku).  The round form of the mixtures are Laddoos. 

How to make Teel Ko Laddoo 

Teel Ko Laddoo

Saucepan - 2
Plate or a tray


Brown Sesame (teel) seeds - 4 cups 
Water -  Half cup 
Jaggery (Chaaku) - Half cup 
Ghee - some to rub on hands during making balls

To add extra flavor
Coconut - one cup chopped very fine into small pieces


Heat saucepan with medium heat

Mix Jaggery and water to make syrup 

As the mixture start boiling add coconut and cook/boil it till this become thick (not thin not hard - semi liquid, check if you can make balls out of it)

Roast (without oil) sesame seeds in the other saucepan wait till they become (light) brown

Add 3/4 of the seeds to the syrup and mix it well

Cook the mixture for sometimes and take it off the stove

Rub some ghee on both the palm to smoothen the making of til ko laddoo

Make balls from of the mixture before the mixture cool down

Put the remaining 1/4 seeds on a plate and roll the balls on it, while rolling it picks some seeds on the surface, that add good flavor to the laddoos.

Your Til ko Laddoos are ready !!!