Nepali Dry Meat

Sukuti is edible dry meat (jerky). Some eat sukuti as it is. Some prefer charbroiled and spiced as an appetizer, some mix with other
ingredients and mix it with achar or even curry.  Some put it in noodles, Thokpa or chowmin. It gives different tastes with different items and mix.
Sukuti is dried in sun or on charcoal smoke fire. 

People mix it with various spices and keep the sukuti lump for drying above the fire place, or under the sun, till it is gets dry. Some dry sukuti even with vapor coming out of the food

How to make Nepali meat jerky


Big bowl
Dry Cloth or metal wire


Meat loaf – 2 lbs
Cumin powder
Coriander powder
Chili powder
Turmeric powder
Garlic and ginger paste
Salt, pepper, 
Oil – Very less


Cut the meat carefully into long thin strips 

Remove all the fat one by one

Put the strips into a big bowl

Marinate it with salt, cumin, coriander, pepper, chili powder and turmeric, ginger and garlic pastes

Keep the marinated meat in Fridge for 24 hours to suck in all the ingredients

Spread it out on a clean cloth and put in under the sun or hang on metal wire above the cooking stove in the kitchen (it is better to put in sun for a while before you keep it in kitchen) 

[You can use oven for quick dehydration or you can use real dehydrator machine if you have one – generally in Nepal these things are not used while making food at home]

Once the meat becomes dry store it and eat it as you want.