Newari Basu Bara

Non vegetarian – Masu Bara – Meat Bara


Big bowl , Spoon

Frying pan, Plate

Spatula, Small bowl




Ground meat – 300 grams (chicken, mutton or buffalo)

Black Lentil- half kg

Salt- a pinch

Oil -1 cup

Turmeric-half table spoon

Ginger paste- a little




Soak the black lentil in cold water for a night


Wash off the skin and grind the lentil into fine paste (use as less water as possible)


Add turmeric, ginger, Garlic, 2 eggs/ 3 table spoon ground meat and salt and stir it properly


Heat Nepali flat pan (tawa), put half table spoon of oil


Take some cold water in a bowl


When the oil is hot put some water in your left pam, take a small ball shape in your right hand and spread

it a bread on the pan using your all your fingers


Turning both sides, if needed add some oil around the bara


Cover it and let it cook for sometime


When the bara is cooked it turns into golden brown.


Bara is ready to serve.