English to Nepali Kitchen pots, vessels, utensils and terms

Nepali generally cook food at home. Nepali kitchen is very important part of the house. It is the place where all the nourishment and life-giving food is prepared for the members of the house. In a typical house, the kitchen is on the top floor. Kitchen is always kept clean and shoes are not allowed inside. People generally take bath before entering kitchen first time in the morning.

Nepali use their hands and all the fingures to eat food. As tasty the food, people lick their fingers much. Eating with fingers, give complete eating experience of Nepali food. Eating with spoons, knife and forks may miss the real taste of Nepali cuisine. 

Traditionally Nepali foods involve a lot of preparation and cooking time.  Foods are cooked siting on the floor. Most of the typical cooking fire place which use wood-logs are build on the floor. 

One can see bunch of corns, onions and other items hanging from the top of the ceiling or the wall of Nepali kitchen.
People generally sit on the floor while eating. People sit on a rectangular wooden plank called Pirka and the food plate is kept on the floor while eating. Some prefer keeping plate on low-table made of wood too. All cutting, blending, mixing, cleaning and complete preparation of food takes place in the kitchen. Therefore, the sitting area is generally adjustable, in other words all the Pirkas are taken off after eating washed and kept in separate place after it get dried in sun. 

Various types of vessels are used to cook. Not only the shapes but the type of metal may also differ for cooking pots. Iron, aluminium, copper and other metals are used for making different utensils. Different types of utensils are used to keep spices, achars and home made preserved foods. Wooden and clay-mud vessels are generally used to keep preserved foods. 

Nepali use vegetable oil, spices, garlics and other items which produce strong smell while. One can smell food from outside home and find out what is cooking inside.

English Roman Nepali

Ashes Kharani खरानी
Basket Basket बास्केट
Bitter Tito तितो
Boil Umalne उमाल्ने
Bowl Kachaura कचौरा
Break Futalne फुटाल्ने
Broom Kucho कुचो
Burn Polne पोल्ने
Burn Dardne डर्ड्ने
Chop Board Achaano अचानो
Cold Chiso चिसो
Cook Pakaune पकाउने
Cup Gilaas गिलास्
Cut Katne काट्ने
Delicius Mitho मिठो
Dinner Plate Thal थाल
Dish Washing Sponge Mosko मस्को
Dustbin Fohordaani  फोहरदानी
Dustpan Fohor uthaune bhado फोहोर उठाउने भाडो
Eat Khane खाने
Fire Aago आगो
Fireplace Chulo चूलो
Firewood Daura दाउरा
Fork Kata काँटा
Frying-pans Karai कराइ
Full Pet Bhariyo पेट भरियो
Glass Gilaas गिलास्
Grater Koreso कोरेसो
Greasy Chillo चिल्लो
Heat Tataune तताउने 
Hot  Taato तातो
Hot  Piro पिरो
Hungy Bhoko भोको
Iron Saucepans taapke ताप्के
Kasaudi Kasaudi कसौडी
Keep Rakhne राख्ने
Kettle Kitli कित्ली
Khife Chakku चक्कु
Kitchen Bhanchha भान्छा
Meal Bhojan भोजन्
Mop Pochha पोछा
Oily Chillo चिल्लो
Pan Tapke ताप्के
Peel Tasne तास्ने
Peel Chhodaune छोडाउने
Plate Pilet पिलेट
Pressure Cooker Presar Cooker प्रेसर् कूकर
Put Halne हाल्ने
Rice Cooker Rice Cooker राइस कूकर
Salty Nunilo नुनिलो
Sauce Pan Dekchi डेक्ची
Saucer Pilet पिलेट
Serve Bhag Laune भाग लाउने
Share Badne बाड्ने
Sink Dood डुंड
Snacks Sitan सितन्
Soap Sabun  साबुन
Sour Amilo आमिलो
Spatula Panyou पन्यू
Spoon Chamcha चम्चा
Steam Bafaune बफाउने
Stir Chalaune चलाउने
Sweet Guliyo गुलियो
Take out Jhikne झिक्ने
Tap Dhaaraa धारा
Taste Chakhne चाख्ने
Tasty Mitho मिठो
Tea Filter Chiya Channe  चिया छान्ने
Tea Pot Chiya Dani चिया दानी
Thaw Bharsaune भर्साउने
Tiffin Khaja खाजा
Toungue Sanaso सनासो
Warm Tataune तताउने
Wipes Pochha पोछा

There are so many Nepali words for which it is not possible to get the exact and proper meaning. Few of them are below.

Roman Nepali Meaning
Pirkaa पिर्का Wooden Mat to sit while eating
Kasaudi कसौडी Pot to cook rice
Tapke ताप्के Iron Saucepans to cook dal
Fosi फोसी Big Copper Pot to cook
Khadkalo खड्कलो Big Copper Pot for religious purposes
Rato Maato रातो माटो Red Mud
Gobar गोबर Cow Dong
Chulaisi चूलैसी Knife
Jaato जाँतो Grinding Stone
Dhiki ढिकि Grain separater
Bhakari भकारी Type of Silo