C momo

Shhhhhhhiiiii……….. momo …..very hot & spicy!!!

C  momo or Si Momo is regular momo dipped in a hot and spicy sauce. C momo is good for people willing to try hot chili pepper.

Special type of vegetable sauce with lot of hot chili peppers is prepared.  When momo and soup are cooked well, both are put together in a bowl and served hot. 

To understand simply, c momo is momo mixed with a special type of sauce. The momos are eaten with the sauce without the momo ko achar.

In most of the local restaurants c-momo stands out as their special dish.  This type of momo looks very spicy,  hot and red. This is very hot and spicy momo, which is very hard to eat for those who are not used to eating hot and spicy food. You must try it, if you like eating hot spicy chili…..don’t try it, if you are not used to eating chili peppers, Caution! you may burn your mouth. 

C Momo sauce


Bowls -2 
Pan (optional)

Tomatoes - 2 big
Sesame seed (teel) - 3 table spoon
Bell Pepper (any color) - 1
Green Chilies - 10
Garlic - 2 pieces (chopped)
Coriander – 3 leaves 
Flour- 1 tablespoon
Vegetables (any type)- Some
Salt for taste


Heat sesame seeds in micro wave/frying pan for about 1 minute

Wash and cut two tomatoes in a four halves

Cut the green chilies in halves 

Add red chilies, garlic and salt

Heat the pan and add one tablespoon oil

Add chopped garlic and fry it until golden brown

Add cut vegetables (You can either fry or not fry the vegetable)

Add red chilies, coriander powder, cumin powder and salt

Add 2 cup of water and let the sauce get boiled 

Your C-Momo sauce is ready mix it with momo in a bowl and serves it hot.