What are Kwati 9 mixed Beans

  1. Black eye peas(बोडी)
  2. Cow peas( रातो बोडी)
  3. Black lentils(मासको दाल )
  4. Chickpeas(चना)
  5. Adzuki(खैरो बोडी)
  6. Soybeans(भट्मास)
  7. Mung Dal(मुग दाल )
  8. Peas(हरियो केराउ )
  9. Favas( बकुल्ला ) 

Kwati Fried

Kwati Bhijako


Fried Kwati (not exact)

How to make Fried Kwati 

(Bhuteko Kwati )




Pressure cooker

Big pan





Kuwait (mixture of nine grains) 200gram

Oil -3 table spoon

Salt-As per taste

Turmeric- half tablespoon

Coriander powder – half tablespoon

Cumin powder – half table spoon

Red chili powder- half table spoon

Tej patta -2-3




Soak Kwati for a night


If you want them to be sprout then soak it for 2 nights and drain it in a soft cloth for about 2 days.


When you see the right amount of sprouts in it (the amount you would like to have)


Heat the pressure cooker in the gas


Add some oil


When the oil is hot add some fenugreek and thyme seed


When they turn brown add red chilies


Add the Kwati in the pressure cooker


Fry it for few minutes then add turmeric and salt


After half a minute put the lid of the pressure cooker and let it have 5 whistles. (You can fry for a long time instead of putting it in pressure cooker), put little excess oil.


Take the cooker immediately out of the gas and take off the lid. (don't put it more than 5 whistle, it may burn)


Pour it in the pan and fry/cook it until it is well cooked.


Fried Kwati is ready to eat.