How to make Semolina Fudge (Sooji Ladoo)




Semolina/Suji – 1 cup
Ghee- 1/3 cup  
Sugar-1 cup 
Cashew - 10-15 (finely cut into small pieces)
Raisins - 10-15
Cardamom- 5
Almond - 3-4 (optional)
Grated coconut- 2 table spoon (optional)
Milk - 25 ml 


Heat the pan 

Add ghee into the hot pan

When ghee is hot add suji and stir it well in medium heat 

Add grated coconut and keep on stiring or else it will stick on the base 

Now add sugar and mix it well

Turn off the heat and add milk and keep on mixing

Now add cashew nuts, raisins and cardamom  

Let the mixture cool down a little for a while

Take some of the mixture in your palm and turn it in the shape of ladoo (round ball shape)

Suji ladoo is ready.