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 Nepali Peda



How to make Peda


Large and heavy non sticky pan

Big bowl




For 10 to 12 pieces of Pedas




Half kg Soft white Khuwa (ricotta cheese)

2-1/2 cups Sugar powder

1 table spoon cardamom Powder

1 table spoon pistachios



Grate the khuwa in a big bowl and stir with steel or wooden grater (pls do not use iron grater)


Add powdered sugar and mix well (make khuwa mixture)


Heat a large and heavy nonstick pan


Hit khuwa mixture in high flame till the khuwa melts.


Turn the gas to medium heat, keep stiring continuously while heating


When the mixture is thick add cardamom


Mix well and take it off the fire


Allow to cool, gently turning occasionally


Take a small part from the mixture in your palm to make patty rounds


Adding pistachios and cardamom press a bit on top of each


Set well in a plate.

Your Peda is ready to serve