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Moori Laddoo

Bombaison Laddoo

Moori ladoo or Bombay ladoo is every kid’s favorite in Nepal. it is eaten all over Nepal and it is very famous in the Terai region of Nepal.

How to make Moori laddoo

Moori Laddoo

Pan with thick bottom
Spatula plate
Puffed rice -500gms
Brown Sugar (Sakhhar)-1 cup
Water- 1/2 cup


Turn on the stove and heat the pan

Add water and brown sugar

Let the brown sugar melt

Cook on a medium heat till syrup starts to form

Take a small plate with water and add the syrup

Add murai and constantly stir, It normally takes 2-3 minutes for murai and brown sugar to mix

After 5 minutes, with wet hands make round balls

Keep the balls in a plate

Murai ko ladoo is ready to serve

Enjoy the Laddoos..............!!!

You can store this ladoo for about a month.