How to make Dahi at home


Lid container - 1
Home made curd
Pan - 1
Spoon -1


Milk- 3 cups 

Plain fresh curd - 2 tablespoons (You can use your home made curd for later makes but for the first time you have to buy or borrow it)


Warm milk in microwave 12 minutes or warm it in pan but do not boil 

Let the milk cool by itself (just keep for 30 minutes to let it be lukewarm temperature)

Meanwhile pour the curd in lid container, stir it gently

Check the milk is lukewarm, if it is cold then warm it again (use your fingers to feel the warmth of the milk) 

Mix the curd in the milk and stir it very gently

Cover the lid of the container
Microwave for 3 minutes or warm it a bit in a pan (of course use stove) 
Place the container with mixture inside a close rack or microwave for about 4 to 5 hours (don't turn microwave on)

Check the curd if it is set. If not put it as it is for more hours.

Put in the freeze when it is set.

Enjoy your home made curd!

What is lukewarm?

Lukewarm is warm just a little bit above cold, somewhere around body heat / temperature. You should feel neither cold or hot touching it. In Nepali lukewarn is called mantato (मन तातो). "Man" is inner-self and "tato" is heat, it is the heat which can be felt only by your inner-self.