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Gund Pak

Gudpak is very tasty and nutritious sweet. 

It is often eaten by new mothers. It is very popular in Kathmandu. Many people in different parts of Nepal bring home Gudpak from Kathmandu while getting home back.  It is very famous sweet gift to children and family. 

Gudpak can be made at home easily. 

Homemade gudpak is tasty and clean too. Hope you would enjoy it making and eating with your family.




Ghee-1 lb
Gundh (eatable gum)-4 oz
Whole wheat flour (gau ko pitho)-1 lbs
Brown Sugar (Sakhar)-1 lbs
Evaporated milk-200ml  
Milk powder-8oz
Sliced almonds-8 oz
Cardamom-1 table spoon 
Grated nutmeg (jai patri)-1/2 table spoon
Grated coconut-4 oz 
Pistachios (sliced)- 1 table spoon
Sliced almonds-1 table spoon


Turn the stove on and heat the pan 

When the pan is hot add Ghee onto the pan

As the ghee melts fry gundh in small portion (Gundh poops out like popcorn)

Take the gundh out from the ghee and set aside 

In the same ghee, fry wheat flour until it turns golden browns and gives sweet aroma

Add brown sugar on the flour and let it melt (keep it stirring)

When brown sugar melts, remove from heat and add milk powder, evaporated milk, coconut, almonds, nutmeg and cardamom and mix it well

Now add fried gundh which was set aside sometimes back

Spread teaspoon ghee in a plate and grease it 

Pour the mixture in the plate making smooth surface

Decorate with the sliced nuts

With the help of a knife cut the mixture in diamond shape and remove gently

Place in an airtight container to store

Gudh Pak is ready to serve you can enjoy it hot, warm or cold!