Ginger Pickle

Ginger is good for joint pain, aching muscles. It is also good to get rid of throat and nose congestion. Put in tea and drink for cough and cold.

Aduwa ko Achar

Aduwa Achar

Round big bowl
Big spoon to stir/mix
Glass jar 
Ginger- 200 gram
Lemon- 200 gram
Salt- 1 teaspoon
Asafetida – pinch
Black pepper- 1/4 teaspoon


Take the ginger peel the skin and wash it clean

Cut the ginger into small pieces of your desire (I prefer long stripes)

Cut lemon into two halves and squeeze out the juice

In a bowl mix lemon juice and ginger

Add salt, asafetida and black pepper and mix it well

Now fill the mixture and cover it 

Keep the jar in sun for about 3 days 

Every other day stir the mixture in jar and let the lemon juice be on top 

This pickle tastes great after three days. You can store this achar for more than a month. This is the best thing to eat during lazy hours.