Nepali Achar

What is Achar?

Achar means spicy pickle. Pickle are always important part of Nepali foods. Achar adds spicy flavor to regular food. Achars may be freshly made or pickled stuff. Pickled achar are also very popular as it is very easy to preserve for a long time without any refrigeration. 

Achars are mix of fruits, vegetables with spices. It may be cooked or mixed only. It depends upon the type of achar and the ingredients used in it. Oil is also used as a pickling medium and preservative. Achar are generally made at home. However, these days’ achars are available in market in large scale.

Some achars are made hot, some very sour and some are medium. Some achars are sweet too. Achars are not eaten by itself. It is a side dish. It is generally eaten with rice, curry, roti or chapati. 

It is very interesting to know that pickle can be made out of any edibles plants and fruits. 

Apart from the main ingredient and masala, achar adds its flavor with ginger, tomatoes, lime, onions, garlic etc.