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Nimki ( Deep Fired Spicy Flour Crackers )

How to make Nimki  निम्की

Deep pan 
Cookie cutter 


Flour (all-purpose recommended) 1.2 lb
Cumin seed 1/2 teaspoon
Oil 2 cups or more for deep frying
Salt to taste


Roast the cumin in low oven heat for some time (If it is seed form, grind it)

Mix cumin and salt with flour

Knead the flour adding 2-3 teaspoons of oil and water in a  dough

Roll the mixture dough flatNimki Making

Fold it

Roll it flat again 

Repeat the process one more time

Cut dough in diamond shape (2 triangles on top of each other)

Make them around 1-inch in size or whatever you feel like

Heat the oil on medium heat

Fry the Nimki until they are brown

Serve it hot or store in air tight container for days !!!