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posted Aug 2, 2012, 5:20 PM by Weall Nepali   [ updated Sep 17, 2012, 8:39 AM ]


Furandana or Furundan is a variety of fried puffed beaten rice. 
Furandana is very popular spicy snack in Nepal. Function is made and served during traditional and culture functions.  Making and eating of furundana during Dashain and tihar with Kakro ko Achar adds greater fun to these festivals.
People love to eat furundana during marriage ceremony, Bartabanda and other gatherings. Furandana is considered pure vegetarian snack, hence using garlic, tomato and onions in it are forbidden.
Some people prefer adding cashew, almonds and other dry fruits in furandana but these take away real taste of furundana from it. Traditional furandana is salty and dry fruits generally go with sweets.  However, it is preference of the eater.

How to make furandana


Pan for frying 
A big shawl type of cloth 
Big bowl
Sifter (channi)
Paper towel for soaking the oil


Vegetable oil-1/half cups
Rice flakes-1/half cups
Salt-1 teaspoon
Potato (finely chopped into stripes)-2 cups canned fried
Bhujiya-2 cups
Fried split chickpeas-1 cup
Fried yellow moong beans-1 cup
Fried peanuts-1 cup
Red chillies-8 dried
Garlic finely chopped into stripes -1/2 cup
Raisins:1/2 cup golden
black salt- 1 tea spoon
Red chili powder-1 tea spoon
Oil-1 liter 
Beaten rice (cheura)-1 lb


Turn on the stove and add heat the pan

Take big bowl and spread paper towel in it

Add all oil in the pan 

When the oil is hot fry whole red chili until they turn brown

Take the chili out with the help of sifter and keep it in the bowl 

Now fry ginger in the pan 

When they turn golden brown take it out

Now fry raisins 

When they puff up take them out and keep them in the bowl 

Now fry the potatoes, take them out when they turn golden brown 

Take small amount of beaten rice and fry it in same pan of oil 

As soon as you add bearen rice in oil it puffs out 

Take it out and keep it in a bowl

Repeat this process till all beaten rice is fried 

Now spread the cloth and pour the fried stuff in it 

Now add regular salt, black salt, and red chili powder in it 

Add potato sticks, chickpeas, mung beans and peanuts

Add the bhujiya
Now holding the shawl from both the ends mix this mixture well

Furandana is ready

You can store this furandana in air tight jar and enjoy it for months !