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Khaja Snacks

Nepali Snacks and Tiffins

What is Khaja

The food eaten between two meals is khaja. Sometimes khaja refers to the snacks or casual foods eaten during work break. Khaja is light food and most of the time it does not have regular meals items such as rice or roti in it. 

Chiuraa, beaten rice, is one of the popular items in khaja and vegetables and other items are eaten with chiuraa. Samosa, selroti, parotha, puri are examples of khaja.

What is Sittan

Sittan is the khaja eaten with liquor and other beverages. Sittans are generally vegetable salads or non vegetarian food items.

खाजाहरू खाजाहरू खाजाहरू खाजाहरू खाजाहरू 
Nepali Khaja
Nepali Khaja Set