Nepali Food Recipe

खाना बनाउने तरिका

Nepali Cuisine

Nepal is very rich in food varieties. Nepali cuisine includes different cuisines with local spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. 

The food items are also affected by cultural, tradition and topography. People eat vegetarian as well non vegetarian food in equal proportion. People in Nepal eat fresh and home cooked food. Mother at home generally cooks food for the family. Nepali generally eats 3 times a day; two meals and a khaja. 

Dal Bhat or Roti tarkari is the main meal for almost all in Nepal. Other cuisine varies. 

Nepali food mainly consists of rice, wheat, corn, lentils. Vegetables form primary part of meal. Meat is also becoming a part of regular meal.  

Nepali cooking involves many cooking techniques. Some of them are stewing, stir-frying, grilling , smoking, deep-frying, boiling and braising, marinating, tempering,steaming,fermenting and roasting.

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