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Laxmi's Footprint

How to make Laxmi's Footprints

There is a tradition of making prints of Laxmi’s footsteps on the day of Laxmi Puja. It is believed that the footsteps bring wealth, heath and prosperity to the family. 

Traditionally, these feet are printed on the floor from the main gate of the house to all the rooms and goes mainly to Pooja room and the place where the wealth is stored. 

Footsteps are generally done in the evening after sel-roti is ready. Pala (lights with oil) or candles are placed on both side or along with the footsteps till these reach the main door of the house.

This is the prettiest thing one can see in the evening of Laxmi Pooja.

Laxmi Paila (लक्ष्मी पाइला)

Laxmi's Footsteps

The footsteps are made with rice flour mixed with abir (a red holy powder).   

Just take some rice flour depending upon the area of your house, you want to cover.  To make it holy and beautiful mix some abir in it, add water to the mixture.
Stir it well so that there will be no lumps in the mixture 

When mixture is good and smooth enough you are ready to make the steps

[Start printing from the main gate or from the place where your area starts. Move towards the room, where you want Goddess Laxmi to come in and reside!   ]

Now close both your hands making fists 

Dip both the hands in the mixture and print it on the floor surface (if it is not possible to print on the house floor surface for any reason print it on pieces of white papers, and put those papers on the floor)

You can use marigold flower instead of hands (fists) to print, but for fingers you have to use your fingers 

After you print with your fists on the floor, now dip your fingers in the mixture and print it at the front of the prints of the fists, which makes the figures like pictures

While printing feet print alternatively moving towards the house, so that it looks like Goddess Laxmi is move towards your house 

Your fist prints the feet, and the print of your figures gives the shapes of toes of her feet

Happy Depawali!