Nepal Hulak Diwas (नेपाल हुलाक दिवस)

Nepali postal Service
First Nepali postal ticket 1 aanaaNepali First Stamp 3 aanaa
Nepali First Postal Stamp 2 aanaa
Nepal's First Stamps

Hulak (Postal Day) Dibas is observed on Ashoj 22 of Nepali Bikram Sambat Calander. This year it is in October 8, 2014 in English calendar.

We all Nepali had the first opportunity of sending and receiving letters though postal service in Nepal from the year B.S 1935, Till 1935 BS, the postal system was used to transfer the message of Kings and rulers. No public was offered postal services or even never given opportunity to know what postal service was. Delivery of personal letters and communications were not possible till the date ‘Nepal Postal House” (Nepal Hulak Ghar was established). The postal service in Nepal was opened to public only from the B.S 1935 (AD 1879). The first Postal Stamp in Nepal was published in the year B.S 1939 (AD 1881).

The letters are being stamped from 1939 BS in Nepal. Nepal acquired membership of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) on 11 October 1956.

The separate Postal Service Department in Nepal was established in B.S 2028 (AD 1972).

Despite of all the hurdles and barriers it is facing, Nepali postal system is working efficiently in compare to the infrastructure, facilities and amenities the government is providing to it.

First Postal stamps of Nepal

Nepali stamps were issued in April 1881 for the first time as a set of three. These stamps were in set of value of one
aanaa, two aanaas and four aanaas. These stamps were printed on European papers. From 1886 Nepal started printing
stamps on hand made Nepali paper. Numerous printings of these first three values on the local paper were made till 1907. In 1907 AD, again European manufactured stamps picturing the God Pashupatinath was printed and issued. The remainders of initial stamps bearing three values of 1, 2 and 3 aanaas used and reissued for telegraph in 1917 AD.

Nepal also introduced the postal card in 1887.  (Please click to see collection of Nepali Stamps) - (This is external link)

A brief History of Nepali Postal Service

It is very difficult to trace back Nepal’s postal history as there is no such much evidence to the development of postal system in Nepal. We can trace the system of putting Lal Mohar (seals) on envelop during the reign of Rana Prime-Ministers.
There are no consistencies in the result of past research in this matter. Kagate Hulak (Paper Post) and Thaple Hulak
Mottiram Bhatta in Nepali Stamp
(Burden Post) were known to exist during Prithvi Narayan Shah (King of Nepal, 1768 to 1775). Till now there is no physical trace existence of postal system during pre–Lichhavi, Lichhavi or in Malla periods of Nepal. Malla ruled Kathmandu valley.

The first trace of regular communication is found during the time of First King of United Nepal Prithivi Narayan Shah who ruled Nepal from 1768 to 1775. The communications were done between Kathmandu, Nuwakot, Gorkha and some other places during the period. These postal systems were handled and regulated by government for government use only. Messengers and runners were appointed by government to carry official orders and documents (by Kagate Hulak) and government goods (by Thaple Hulak). General public were not allowed to use the government postal system.

Bhimsen Thapa, considered to be the first prime minister of modern Nepal, during the reign of Rajendra Bikram Shah (King of Nepal, 1816 to 1847) extensive postal reforms were initiated by creation of several postal routes, evidenced by the existence of Lal Mohars (seal) bearing on the envelops and packages.

Nepali Stamp for Court Paper
In the regime of Chandra Samsher Jung Bdr. Rana (Prime Minister, 1901 to 1929) reorganized the postal system by the introduction of a new set of stamps: Shri Pashupati set 1907, printed in England in lieu of the existing crudely and locally produced stamps, the Sripech and crossed Khukuris series. These stamps were of better qualities than of previous ones. There were also some initiatives on admission of Nepali postal service to international and European communities. However, Nepal entered into postal agreement with British Company Government of India on March 1, 1937, which opened the new door to Nepali postal service at least to India.

There are few evidences of government mail system bearing Lal Mohar of 1887 Bhadra 07 VS (20 Aug 1830), which is a good example of existence of postal system in Nepal.

The postal system in Nepal, from the time of Prithivi Narayan Shah to 1935 BS were all used for Royal communications and government’s service. The postal service for we all Nepali was opened only after 1935 when postal service house was established.