Gyalpo Lhosar

ग्याल्पो ल्होसार 

Gyalpo Lhosar is the celebration of Tibetan New Year. 

The Tibetan calendar is made up of twelve lunar months and Losar begins on the first day of the first month. The celebrations of Lhosar begins on the 29th day of the 12th month of the calendar.

This lhosar is celebrated in Nepal mostly by Sherpa, Tamang, Bhutia and Yolmo. Different communities and different places have their own way of celebration. 

Gyalpo Lhosar is celebrated for almost 2 weeks. The main celebrations take place during first three days.

On the first day beverage called changkol is made from chhaang (a Tibetan cousin of beer). 

The second day is called Gyalpo Lhosar. This is the main New Year Day. 

Third day people get together and have feasts. 

Many traditional ceremonial dances representing the struggle between demon and god are performed in the Monasteries. Mantras are chanted and fire torches are passed among all the people in the crowd.  A traditional dance representing battle between deer and King is performed. 

One day before the main day of new years. The houses are cleaned, specially the kitchen. Chimneys are also cleaned from inside. 

Special dishes are cooked. One of the most important dishes is the soup. This soup is made from meat, wheat, rice, sweet potato, cheese, peas, green pepper, vermicelli noodles and radish. 

This soup is served with special type of dumpling. Sometimes, different hidden items are used in fillings for the dumplings. The items are chilies, wood, paper and pebbles. People comment on the nature (character) of the person on the findings inside his/her dumplings. If one finds wood means he has wooden heart, etc. This is done for fun.

On Main New Year day, people visit the monasteries, Chant mantras and give gifts to the monks. Firecrackers are fired to get rid of ill spirits.