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Daura Suruwal - The Nepali Dress

Daura Suruwal

Know about Daura Suruwal/Surwal - Nepali Dress for Men

Daura Suruwal has been national dress of Nepal from many years. It is also known as “Labeda Suruwal”. The dress has been worn by Nepali men from centuries.

The coat was added to it on top by Jang Bahadur Rana, Prime minister of Nepal in 19th Century. Daura is the upper wear and Suruwal is the trouser.

Daura Suruwal has several religious beliefs identifying its designs and remained the same for centuries.

The Daura (the top) has eight strings denoted as Astamatrika-Singini as follows.
  • Chamunda
  • Kaumari
  • Barahi
  • Brahmhi
  • Indrayani
  • Maheshowri
  • Byasnabi
  • Mahalaxmi
Men in East Coat with Daura Suruwal

Nepali wearing Daura Suruwal and Coat
Thank you Mr. President
for Wearing Daura Suruwal


Those eight ties serve to tie itself up around the body and eight is a fortune number according to the eastern mythology. The Daura has five pleats or Kallis, signifying Pancha Buddha or Pancha Ratna. And the closed neck of the Daura signifies the snake around the Lord Shiva's neck.

History tells Rana Prime Minister Janga Bahadur Rana introduced coat in Nepal in 19th century. He was presented gift of coat by Queen of England. He started the tradition of wearing coat on the Daura suruwal. From then the tradition of wearing Daura with Suruwal became Daura Suruwal and Coat. Men wear Daura Suruwal with East Coat (Waist Coat) too. This combination is a kind of informal wear.

In 2017 B.S. Daura Suruwal was announced as national dress for men in government services and other national programs. Daura suruwal took a great pace of development in those in those years. Very few of Nepali now wear Daura Suruwal.

After 2046 B.S none of the elected or interim governments is able to define and announce any national the national dress. Now, there is no such dress or uniform that we can point our officially as Nepali. We still regard Daura suruwal as National dress of Nepal.

Now Daura Suruwal is now confined only in the list of national signs and as groom’s wedding dress.

None of the members of constitutional assembly or any leader hardly wear any uniform as we can say national. The new generation may hardly own a pair of Daura-Suruwal,


We are slowly forgetting our traditional values and nationalities. We love Daura Suruwal and all Nepali traditional dresses from Mountain, Hill and Terai. We can at least announce something as our national dress which represents Nepal. There should be something we should wear and say this is “Nepali”.

Nepali Man in daura Suruwal

Dhaka Topi

posted Jul 17, 2012, 1:27 PM by Weall Nepali   [ updated Feb 19, 2013, 11:50 AM ]

Dhaka Topi

Dhaka Topi
Dhaka Topi is a hat made of fabric called Dhaka, especially form garment made in Palpa district of Nepal.
Dhaka Topi is also called Nepali Topi. Other wears are also made of this fabric. Dhaka's Bhoto Suruwal is worn by bridegroom during marriage ceremony in some communities. Dhaka blouse is worn by bride or by women in special occasion. The blouse is called Dhaka ko Cholo. Dhaka topi is a male hat. This Topi completes Daura Suruwal.

Daura Suruwal and Dhaka Topi is commonly worn by Nepali men together with Patuka around the waist.Nepali people consider Dhaka Topi as a cultural token also. Generally people wear this hat during festivals and big occasions.

It was widely worn by government employees, and was a part of national dress. Dhaka Topi has been worn by Nepali since long time.

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