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Healthy and spiritual BIG NAMASKAR to all,
"Welcome to free Ayurvedic Consultancy"
I am here to provide you suggestions to Ayurvedic cure brought from thousand century back from the herbs of Himalaya.
We concentrate on preventation than cure.

Please write your questions/quiries about health issue or any other ayurvedic questions down the comment box with or without your name or send me such questions directly to khilraj.adhikari@gmail.com. I will come up with your answer quickly as soon as possible.


Dr. Khil Raj Adhikari

Dr. Khil Raj Adhikari
Ayurveda-Acharya (NSU), Ayurved Shastry (TU), BA (TU)
40 Golden Years of Perpetual Experience in Ayurveda Practice (Traditionally : Vaidhya or Bidhya in Nepal)

You can personally contact me at :
27/14 Chabahil Ganeshmarg
Chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal

or Write me at : khilraj.adhikari@gmail.com